Why you should get your kids a refurbished iPhone

Times have changed and now even kids as young as 12 are getting their own mobile phones. This is just another extra cost on parents and as kids see their peers with expensive models of smart phone they of course want the same. But with new smart phone prices costing several hundred euro or more this can be quite the expense, especially as kids are prone to breaking such technology or not looking after it properly.

iphone refurbished

One thing is for sure is that when you get your kids a smart phone it is eventually going to have the screen cracked or even worse just completely broken. This makes spending more money on it even more stressful but there is a way around spending such huge amounts on your kids phone and that is to buy a refurbished iPhone. By buying a iPhone refurbished isntead of a new one you are saving up to 50% and you don’t need to get into another contract. This is especially important as our refurbished iPhones are sim free and the last thing you want to do is to get into another contract, especially when it is just for your kid.

For kids these days it is all about the iPhone. Every kid wants one and by getting a refurbished iPhone you are getting an as good as new phone for half of the price and as mentioned you also don’t need to get into any phone contracts! If you get a grade A device then your kids will never even know the difference between a brand new and a grade A refurbished product. We also sell our phones in retail packaging and they come with a USB charging cable. It is essentially like getting a new device.

So if you need to get your kid an iPhone this Christmas, a refurbished phone is definitely the way to go! That way when they eventually break it you will know you did not spend almost €800 plus on the phone and instead saved several hundred euro!

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