Why The iPhone 7 Is Still One Of The best Phones On The Market

refurbished iphone 7

Every one or two years Apple release a new version of iPhone. Some have been successful and some have left consumers a bit underwhelmed. Despite Apple releasing new models of iPhone almost yearly some of the older models stand the test of time and are still more popular than the new release models. A great example of this is the iPhone 7. You can get the refurbished iPhone 7 for just €299.00 from our website and even though it was released in 2016 it is still a great choice in 2019.

When it comes to getting a good smart phone price is always a factor. A brand new iphone 7 will cost you approx €400 – 500 depending on where you buy it. By getting a refurbished model you are saving at least €150 and you are not stuck with a mobile network. The new iPhone X for example costs almost €1,000 which is crazy for a smart phone in our opinion.

Sure the iPhone X may be slightly faster and have one or two extra features but when it comes down to it the iPhone 7 can do pretty much everything the X can and it is super fast. It comes with an impressive display that is LCD and it is a slick brilliant design. The iPhone 7 believe it or not has the same camera as the iPhone X that is 12 megapixels (only the iPhone X has 2 of them).

These are just some of the reasons that we think the iPhone 7 is a great option when looking for a new smart phone. Plus it is super affordable and it comes with our 12 month warranty :).

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