Top Free Apps For Your New iPhone

If you have recently purchased an iPhone from us , you’ve made quite the financial commitment. After the contract and €30 data plan, you might find yourself a little strapped for cash when it comes to purchasing accessories and apps. Our iPhones for sale are ready to use straight out of the box. After you set up your new iPhone and browse through the App Store to find cool additions for your phone, you may notice that many apps come with a price tag. Don’t worry if you don’t have the extra cash to spare for apps. There are plenty of great apps that are absolutely free. Check out some of these free apps:


If you have a Facebook account, download the Facebook app for your iPhone. There are some limitations to the Facebook app compared to accessing Facebook through the Internet, but this app keeps you updated on all Facebook happenings. Some features of the Facebook app are that you can your friends’ statuses, you are notified when someone requests to add you as a friend, and you receive notifications for wall posts.

MySpace Mobile

MySpace Mobile is a must-have app if you have a MySpace account. You can send and receive messages, view your friends’ status updates, and check out current bulletins.


Want to know the score of the big game and there isn’t a TV around? Then download Sportacular by Citizen Sports. Not only will you have the scores of all major sports at your fingertips, but you can also check out standings, schedules, and stats. This is a great app for any sports fan.

Pro Basketball Scores

If you follow the NBA, download the Pro Basketball Scores app. You can check out the score of any NBA game and track your favorite teams. You can also check out standings and team schedules with Pro Basketball Scores.

Mafia Wars

Ever wanted to make a name for yourself and become the Boss of a mafia family? Now you can with the role playing game developed by Zynga, but without any of the risks. After you download the Mafia Wars app, you develop your character by performing jobs and taking out your enemies. As long as you keep up with jobs and get a good cash flow going, your character will rise through the ranks in no time.

Shrek Kart Free

Forget having the world at your fingertips; one thing that is great about the iPhone is playing racing games. Try Shrek Kart Free developed by Gameloft. Tilt your iPhone to steer and have a blast as you play as Shrek to win the tournament.

Developed by Microsoft, you can voice-search for things with Bing. If you want to find a pizzeria or get directions to a nearby theater, simply speak the search terms and Bing will provide results.

This is a great app to have if you’re a student, writer, or simply want easy access to a dictionary and thesaurus. When you look up a word with this app, not only can you view the definition, you can view the word used in sample sentences and listen to the pronunciation.

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