Things to Consider When Buying a Used iPhone

As always, when Apple announces the launching of three new iPhones for sale in Ireland, iPhone fans are getting all excited to be the first to get their hands on the new models and are also trying to sell their older models at the earliest to get more cash for the new model.

If you are choosing to buy used iPhone device for the first time, there are few things to consider before jumping into shelling out all your money.

iPhone's for sale Ireland

1. Genuine Seller
The risk of buying a used iPhone is to buy a stolen iPhone that does not work. Once an iPhone is stolen, the previous owner usually gets the network to block all access to cellular networks. However, at, all such risks are eliminated by checking the ESN of all the phones approved for sale to make sure that no blacklisted devices are put up for sales. However, when buying used iPhone from other sources, you should ask for the ESN of the phone.

2. Sim Free Phones:
For those who are already using a phone, can take their SIM from their old phone and insert it into the new phone, either used or brand new phones. However, if you are buying a phone for the first time, you should check if the dealer offers a new SIM with the used iPhone.

3. Quality of the Used iPhone
It is only natural to check the condition of the used iPhone when buying online. At, sellers provide a detailed description of the iPhone, damages if any along with a photo of the iPhone. iPhone with a cracked or chipped screen, damaged USB port or buttons are not approved for sale by although a little wear and tear are approved. To avoid any disappoint after purchase, check the condition of the iPhone thoroughly.

4. Rooted used iPhone
To provide more control over the used device, rooted or jailbroken phones are modified. However, unless you are tech-savvy, it is recommended that you avoid buying rooted iPhones.

5. Check the Shipping Cost.
The sellers on include domestic shipping cost in the price; however, for international shipping, additional charges may be required.

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