The iPhone Camera Plus App

This free app is a great addition to the iphone as it uses the camera functions and sort of improve it slightly with a few additional functions such as: Zoom Function Crop Function Flash Function
Zoom Function

The zoom function basically magnifies the images closer but when that happens the images of course blurs slightly. After taking the images the apps will render it but well end result is blur and not sharp. But it’s a good function and I use the apps for zoom. You can download it on any of our Phones for sale

Crop Function

The crop function is a neat addition to the apps. The crop works on a new picture taken or an existing one. Simply click on the crop function, select the shape (Square/Circle), the rotation for it and then save. It’s as simple as that.

Flash Function

Well its not flash persay but more of a brightening function in the apps to make the picture look as if flash was indeed used when taking the picture. Still can’t best an actual flash, its a good alternative to make the images brighter.


B/W function is available to use to make the images appears black and white. There is also a PRO version of Camera Plus but I haven’t get my hands on that one yet.

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