iPhone 8 Refurbished Features

The first iPhone with built in wireless charging the iPhone 8 is a phone that showcases some of the best technology Apple have released. It is one of the most innovative iPhone releases to date (up until the iPhone 5G comes out!). Our refurbished iPhone 8 models are a great way to get a top of the range iPhone without having to break the bank or get involved in lengthy expensive phone contracts.

iphone 8 refurbished

It is the first model of iPhone to have a glass finish along with a aluminium trim. The glass for the iPhone 8 is quite strong and gives a lovely modern finish and the unit itself is a great design. To go with its slick design the iPhone 8 is dust and water proof and this is helped by the fact that the iPhone has not headphone jack which can take a bit of getting used to but it could not be waterproof with a headphone jack unfortunately.

The iPhone 8 has true tone technology so although it has a similar size screen to the iPhone 7 it gives a clearer picture. As mentioned because of the glass design the iPhone 8 is able to have wireless charging which is a handy feature so you don’t have to worry about cables anymore! The iPhone 8 offers an upgraded Siri and it comes with a stunning 12MP camera.

For the price of our refurbished iPhone 8 you are getting a really fast and amazing looking phone so don’t get stuck in any lengthy phone contracts to get the phone you want and deserve. Check out our iPhone 8 refurbished range today!

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