iPhone 5G looking to be even more expensive than the iPhone 11

The iPhone 11 is not out long but the first 5G iPhone is already on the way and is set to be on the market for 2020. As it will be the first iPhone with 5G it is easy to see why it is going to be so expensive to produce. According to Appleinsider the iPhone 5G will cost as much as 50% more than the iPhone 11 to produce resulting in the very expensive retail price that the 5G will be launched at.

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The iPhone 5G chip set alone is set to cost as much as 30% more than other iPhone models. Although this may not result in a direct 30% increase in retail price you can be sure that it is going to be a very expensive phone indeed. Estimates of €1,100 for the iPhone 5G are accurate according to Apple insider.

Although prices for each iPhone model have gotten more and more expensive it is still a big breakthrough to have 5G on a phone so no doubt it will be a huge hit on the market. This should mean an increase in sales for refurbished iPhones for sale as they will become even more sought after due to the expensive price of the new models of iPhone.

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