If you think the iPhone 11 is too expensive then the new iPhone 5G will give you a shock!

The iPhone prices have been rising and rising with each new model and it has gotten to be point where you are being asked to pay almost €1000 for the new model of iPhone. The new iPhone 5G which of course has 5G technology in it is set to rise the price of the iPhone again as Apple look to keep profit margins the same as past models.

refurbished iPhone

The cost of the iPhon5 5G chipset alone will increase the price by up to 35% according to Ming-Chi Kuo who is an Apple analyst. Even with the price increase it is estimated that Apple will sell 30 million units of the iPhone 5G worldwide in its first year of the release. It appears Apple is not willing to take on the extra cost itself and is passing this on to the consumer.

It is likely we will see this new iPhone model in September 2020 and it could have a price tag of up to €2,000. There is no better time than to get a refurbished iPhone and save hundreds of euro. Even one of our iPhone 8 refurbished models which is a top of range phone can save you €400 when compared with buying it new. So don’t be afraid of these new ever increasing prices and buy refurbished. It is better for your wallet and you are getting the exact same phone!

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