How To Buy A Refurbished iPhone Safely

If you are looking for a new model of iPhone but it is out of your budget then you are certainly not alone. Each month thousands of Irish people buy a refurbished iPhone and save a huge amount of money but where do they get them and what are the things you need to look out for when getting a used iPhone for sale. Sure there are the obvious places like buying on classifieds ads websites but in reality once the phone is bought you will be on your own with no warranty or backup. Along with this you could potentially be buying a stolen iPhone that will be blacklisted down the line leaving you with an nonworking iPhone.

iPhone refurbished 

Companies like exist to fill the gap between people who want to safely buy a professionally refurbished iPhone and top class customer support and backup. That said that does not necessarily mean that they are more expensive than a classifieds ads website. In fact they are one of the most affordable sellers of refurbished iPhones in Ireland and have strong relationships with mobile phone suppliers in the UK and Europe.


The first thing you need to do is decide which iPhone model is the right one for you. The most popular model of iPhone at the moment in the used market is of course the iPhone 7. This is a top class iPhone that was only released 3 years ago so you know it is still lightning fast and can run any app with ease. Once you have decided on which phone you would like then you can compare the prices from with a brand new device. You will find that there is at least a €200 difference in the price and not only that but you will not be tied to any expensive net work contracts. 

Network Unlocked:

Not only are you getting a iPhone for below the market rate but you are also avoiding expensive network contracts. This means that you are making savings even after buying the iPhone by not having to pay a ridiculous fee each month to justify saving money on the device. 

With a refurbished iPhone from you can be sure that the iPhone is network unlocked and not stolen or blacklisted. As well as that it comes with a 6 month warranty for your peace of mind.  





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