Best Apps To Use With Our iPhone’s For Sale

Apple single handedly set the cell phone industry on fire in 2007 with the introduction of the iPhone. The iPhone is mobile internet, iPod and cell phone all in a neat and tidy device. Since its arrival on the market in late June 2007, there isn’t much left to discover about this phone, especially after a teen discovered the biggest secret of all when he unlocked the SIM card which allowed for portability to phone carriers other than AT T.;
Recently, Apple opened up the world of “web apps” to iPhone and iPod touch users. “Web apps” is short for web applications and it is a website specially designed for the iPhone’s 3.5 inch display. There are hundreds of different applications and games just waiting to be discovered. iPhone users open the Safari application and navigate to Apple for a variety of functions. There are eleven different web app categories to choose from.

Keep up with the latest news from the campaign trail using your news web app. Politicker provides up-to-the-minute politics through sixteen different news feeds. If you’re interested in British news, bookmark iBeeb and following events along with the BBC. For American current events, check out Fox News or CBS News for the current events. Each of the news web apps help to keep you connected with national and world events.

Apple has a large variety of entertainment web apps. Can’t remember the name of the actor in that movie? Check it out on IMDb Mobile. You can search for movie titles, people, characters or search through all of the fields. Exercise your brain with various quizzes at iMind-Quizzes. Catch the happenings on webcam in Manhattan and at the Lake of the Ozarks. Browse the mug shots of the famous with iMug Shots. Stuck for a dinner idea? Food Network has you covered with instant access to over 30,000 recipes. It makes the trip to the grocery store a little easier. Ever wonder what’s on the Top 40 station in Orlando, Florida or Salt Lake City, Utah? iRadio lists radio stations in 30 of the top markets across the United States. It shows what is currently playing, plus the last 25 songs and gives users the option to stream individual songs using Wi-Fi or Edge connection. I use my iRadio and Food Network web apps daily.

Social butterflies will find it easy to keep up with your friends and contacts with the Facebook web app. There are networking options specific for actors and musicians as well as gay and lesbian groups. iPhone users will be pleased to find photo sharing and messaging apps under the social web apps tabs.

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But most abundant under the Apple web apps are game options. I was excited to get some decent game options for my phone, but most of the game web apps are very basic. Hard core gamers won’t be happy with the choices for their iPhone. I enjoy playing Backgammon although the graphics are sometimes slow and very basic on my phone. There are several sudoku options for the die hard puzzlers. Another favorite is the Mastermind mind where you try to figure out a code by arranging colored marbles. Bejeweled is another favorite of mind. The graphics are colorful and Reversi online and have found several web apps that are challenging and vary in graphics and interfaces.

All in all third party web apps are the future of the iPhone. They open your phone to many different options and possibilities. Apple adds new web apps daily and staff members review and choose their favorite sites. If you own an iPhone and haven’t ventured into the world of web apps, I advise that you try it. Keep in mind that with anything else, there are the viruses and fakes looking to infect your phone. Stick to the list of iPhone apps on the Phones for sale website for more info. 

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