12 Month Warranty On All Phones For Sale

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Save Money and Get a Refurbished iPhone:

Are you in need of a new phone but don't want to pay the ridiculous prices or get caught up in lengthy expensive contracts with phone networks? Save hundreds of euro by buying a professionally refurbished iphone in Ireland! We stock a range of refurbished iPhone’s including the iPhone 5S, 6 and 6S, 7, 8 and X all with massive savings compared to buying a brand new iPhone. All of our iPhone's for sale are network unlocked so are ready to be used with any network out of the box which means that not only are you saving a fortune but the phone will also hold its value more as it is not locked to any specific network. Network unlocked means that they are sim free phones so all you have to do is input your sim card and you are ready to go.

By buying with us you can be sure that the product is not stolen or reported as lost and blacklisted in the future making it useless. When shopping with us you are getting an as good as new phone from a premium supplier whilst saving hundreds of euro and not committing to any expensive lengthy network contracts.

Grade A Condition iPhones For Sale:

All of our cheap phones for sale are grade A condition meaning that all the parts have been replaced and the phone has been fully tested. The phone may show some very minor signs of usage but this can barely be noticeable. You are essentially getting a new phone without the hefty price tag. Each phones is rigorously tested and tests check that the WIFI, Bluetooth, speakers, vibrate and battery are all in working order. Any part that is not found to be in perfect working order is replaced. You are essentially getting a professionally refurbished as good as new phone for a fraction of the price.

12 Month Warranty on all Refurbished iPhones:

All of our cheap iPhone's come with a 12 month warranty so you can rest assured when buying from us. When you order one of our phones with us you will also receive a warranty card. All you have to do is ring the insurance company phone number on this card, give them your new phone IMEI number and you have activated your insurance for 12 months. If anything happens within this 12 months with your second hand phone you can then contact this company and they will repair or replace your iPhone without any issues. By shopping with us you know you are getting a top quality Refurbished iPhone backed by this 12 month warranty.

When shopping with us you know you are getting the best second hand phones for sale and don’t have to worry about your device being blocked, barred or reported as stolen. Feel free to browse our store and if you have any questions just send us an email at sales@phonesforsale.ie.